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Training for Stewardesses and stewards


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Stewardesses and stewards have a special profession. Their job is not just traveling around the globe and serving the passengers. The crews work begins well before take-off of the aircraft.Before arriving on board passengers, flight attendants and stewards must ensure that everything is up to standard in the aircraft.Control of safety equipment in cabin, lifejackets, oxygen mask ... The inspection is general. Then comes the reception of the travelers on board the aircraft, their installation, the answers to the questions, etc.
It is at this moment that the sailing staff must be particularly attentive to the needs of the customers. The purpose of our training is to provide you with a complete summary of the air craft that will serve as a basis for your future interviews with the major international airlines.
Eligibility Criteria on:
*Women: from 17 to 30 years, from 158 cm to 178 cm.
* baccalaureate level or more
* Men: from 17 to 35 years old, from 162 cm to 190 cm,
*baccalaureate level or more, Training details : The training is of a duration of 3 months in the form of accelerated courses At the end of the training you will have certificates of: Air hostess / steward.Hostess of home . Success.trainig.the training salary is only 2000 dhs for 3 months ... yes just 2000 dhs Registration: Marrakech For future hostesses in Marrakech send your C.V to this email
Or calling directly Sr Ourami on 0654227608
Wish you all good luck

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